Puppy Parties

We run puppy parties led by the nurses every Thursday from 5.30pm to 6.30pm at our Prestwick Surgery.

Socialising your puppy early on is extremely important to help them become confident adult dogs.

Usually we have between 4-8 pups at each party, varying in size and breed!

The pups can play together in a controlled environment and they get used to coming into the surgery so they are usually happy to visit the vets when they get older!

Each week we discuss a different topic - neutering, micro-chipping, feeding, toilet training, tooth brushing and lots more! Also owners get a chance to ask any questions they may have while there.

The pups come every week for three weeks and usually by the end of the third week even the shy puppy from week one is running around confidently playing with the others.

The puppy party is free of charge and you receive a folder of puppy training and behaviour tips along with some free goodies every week.

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