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Please look at the following information before planning to travel with your pet :

Taking your pets abroad

Taking your Pets Abroad

There are many reasons why an owner may consider taking their pet abroad. Pets are members of our family, so if a family is relocating abroad, its only natural that pets are included too. If pets are to be exported to another country, each individual country has its own guidelines and regulations to permit entry to that country. For up to date and specific guidelines on this, we recommend that you consult with the relevant embassy well in advance of any planned trips.

For shorter trips, while many pets now travel with their owners, its important to consider the health implications of travelling with your pet. There are diseases in other countries that we do not have in the UK, and while the Pet Travel Scheme (passport) is concerned with rabies control in the UK, there are many other conditions worth avoiding. Your pet may be happier staying in the UK if it's a shorter trip.

Since the UK left the EU at the start of 2021 the rules regarding travel to both the EU and Northern Ireland have changed- please look at the following information before travelling with your pet. Also please note that we require at least 4 weeks' notice from clients to allow us to complete this process.

Advice regarding routine checks on pets travelling TO N.I. changes repeatedly so please be aware of the current situation:

Travel for Pets to the EU and N.I.

Current advice on checks in N.I.

Please view the government's pet travel website for current guidelines.

For pets that are being exported to another country, we recommend that you use the services of an experienced pet travel company. We have used this Ayrshire based company many times and are happy to recommend ' Pets On the Move'

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