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Pets’ teeth need regular care too!

Dogs and cats have teeth similar to our own and are susceptible to some of the same oral problems as we are. But unlike us, your pet can’t tell you when something is wrong, so it’s important that their teeth are cared for from an early age.

During January we are offering 10% off all dental work carried out!

We have a fully equipped modern dental facility, including dental X ray facilities.

Under general anaesthetic, your pets teeth can be fully checked using sterile probes, and then X rayed. The X rays can be viewed straight away on our digital processor, and the pictures are then linked to your pet’s own computerised medical records. Teeth can be scaled using an ultrasonic scaler and then polished with a motor driven low speed hand piece.

Any extractions are performed surgically with the help of our high speed dental drill. Surgical closure of the gum wounds with dissolving stitches means that your pet’s mouth heals much more quickly, and is much more comfortable for them.

Simply give us a call to book you pets’ appointment!

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