Behaviour Clinics

Behaviour Clinics for Cats and Dogs.

We are pleased to offer behaviour clinics to our range of services by Linsay, our head nurse. Linsay has been with us since 2008 and has always a had a keen interest in animal behaviour. She has completed an eight modular course in Animal Behaviour Therapy and is now able to offer Behaviour consultations to any of our clients who have any worries or queries regarding any aspects of their pet's behaviour. She can offer free advice over the phone. Thereafter if necessary we can arrange for a more in depth consultation either at the surgery or at your own home.

Our Behaviour clinic is designed to identify the cause of a problem and help establish a rehabilitation programme tailor made to help you and your pet improve the behaviour issues you have been experiencing. With the correct approaches dogs have the ability to change and adapt. Whether you want to teach your dog some general basic commands to more complex behaviour issues such as aggression please give us a call.

We would initially arrange a behaviour consultation which may last up to 1-2 hours where we will spend time discussing your dog’s history, background, daily routine and the problems you are experiencing then with all the background information we can then get a better understanding of why the problem may have developed and how we can go about making things better for you and your dog. After the initial consultation you will receive a report outlining everything we discussed and a programme to follow, at this stage we can arrange a follow up visit, phone call, outdoor meeting depending on the nature and severity of the problem.

The behaviour clinic also includes cats. As cats can't tell us how they are feeling or coping, much like dogs, they can let us know by the change in their behaviour. They too can show stress by spraying, house soiling to name but a few.

If you are concerned your dog or cat are showing any of the below behaviour please feel free to pick up the phone and arrange a behaviour phone, clinic or home consultation. For the majority of cases we would ask you to complete a behaviour form, therefore Linsay has a full picture of your pets lifestyle - these can be downloaded directly, printed off & posted or handed into our reception team and Linsay will get in touch with you in due course. You can also collect a form from our reception team at anytime.



Pet Behaviour History Forms - click the icon to download

Dog Behaviour

  • Fear and Phobias (fireworks, thunder, general noises)
  • Aggression towards people (biting, growling, barking)
  • Destructive Behaviour (chewing at home or in the car)
  • Separation Related disorders (barking, chewing, distressed)
  • House Training (including normal puppy stage)
  • Puppy Behaviour (all aspects of puppy training)
  • Attention Seeking (Stealing, barking, biting)
  • Running away (while on a walk or from home)
  • Tail chasing or any other type of repetitive behaviour

Cat Behaviour

  • Fears and Phobias (fireworks, thunder, general noises)
  • Aggression towards people
  • Aggression towards other animals
  • Destruction of your home (scratching, chewing)
  • House soiling
  • Urinating in inappropriate places

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